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Our Story

Our founder's passion for hot springs began as a young child, as his parents had an affliction for Ainsworth Hot Spring's incredible caves. As an adult, he revisited them numerous times and heard whispers of the (at the time) elusive Halfway thermal pools.

By chance in 2009, a free-spirited friend of his took him on a camping trip into the Kootenays. The journey would lead him right up the 11 km dirt road to none other than Halfway Hot Springs themselves! Not knowing what to expect, and never having done the "rugged" camping route before, he hauled a full suite of car-camping gear down the steep slopes over multiple returns back to the car.

While he was the most well-equipped that year, it was a mistake he'd never make again! And, this was long before the official camping pads were installed at the site, proper washrooms, and at a time when visitors were allowed to camp right alongside the river next to the springs.

It felt magical, and he made it an annual trip to return to the pools after the spring melt every year. And many years later, more whispers on the wind... an even more elusive "upper halfway" set of pools! A welcome concept as the normal springs were getting busier and busier year after year.

Driving up and down both sides of Halfway River, eventually he discovered a fork on the right which lead to a suspicious metal cable crossing the rapids. At the end? A rough looking rope with a peice of wood attached — as if almost to indicate one should stand on it and zip line across. Taking the risk, him and his crew successfully made it to the other side.

Buwshacking for what felt like eternity up the valley gap, they set gaze upon the elusive and then-secret "upper" halfway pools! And so began the quest for more...

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