Ainsworth Hot Springs

Hot Spring

Commercial cave hot spring with adjacent accommodation and restaurant.

Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort is a must-visit destination for families, local residents, and visitors exploring the Nelson area or nearby mining towns like Kaslo and Silverton. The resort boasts a fully developed pool and hotel overlooking Kootenay Lake and its main attraction is the "caves," which are old mine workings dug into the hillside. With warm water temperatures ranging from 45°C to 47.5°C, the resort is open all year round, with summer being the peak season and weekends often becoming crowded. Winter days, however, can offer a quiet and picturesque visit.

The "caves" are the main highlight of Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort, consisting of old mine tunnels that were carved by miners to improve the flow of hot water from the springs. The water is naturally rich in minerals and is piped into the caves and outdoor pools after being filtered and chlorinated. The main pool is a free-form shape with several bays, offering a relaxed and spacious swimming experience. At the entrance to the caves are two small, circular pools - one hot and one cold, providing a refreshing contrast to the hot and humid atmosphere of the caves. The caves themselves are connected by a cross-tunnel, forming an H-shaped structure and offer a unique and fascinating experience with hot water dripping from the ceiling, a natural hot shower, and a rock ledge to sit on.



3609 Balfour-Kaslo-Galena Bay Hwy, Ainsworth, BC V0G 1A0

Driving Time

From Nelson, approximate travel time by car is 42 min.

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Ainsworth Hot Springs is located about half way between Kaslo and Balfour Along hwy 31, and has plenty of signage in the area.

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Use our written directions in preference to the Google directions below as they are likely more accurate.

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