Atlin Warm Springs

Hot Spring

Just 20 minutes south of Atlin, these springs boast meadows and a limestone cave, also containing a shallow warm pool.

The Atlin Warm Springs, located just 20 minutes south of Atlin, BC, on the Warm Springs Road, offer a unique hot spring experience. The first spring, known as the "Warm Springs," is closest to Atlin and boasts a 1 meter deep and 5 meter wide pool filled with warm (29 degree Celsius) water that bubbles up from the ground. The pool is surrounded by a natural meadow, making it a perfect camping spot with fire pits and good campsites nearby. Although privately owned, visitors are welcome to use it. The second spring, "The Grotto," located 2.8 km down the road, features cool (9 degree Celsius) water flowing from a limestone cave on the east side of the road and is maintained by the B.C. Forest Service. The third spring, on private land, is similar in temperature to the first, but is used to heat greenhouses. The water from all three springs have a mild sulfur smell and contain low levels of dissolved minerals, mainly calcium and bicarbonate.

Recently, the Taku River Tlingit First Nation discovered an invasive species in the springs, the cherry shrimp, which is native to China and Taiwan. Evidence suggests they were dumped there by someone who no longer wanted them, just as goldfish were found in the springs several years ago. 

The Atlin Warm Springs offer a unique hot spring experience with varying temperatures, stunning natural surroundings, and a rich history of discovery and study. Visitors, families, campers, and hot spring enthusiasts alike will not want to miss this special place.

photos courtesy of Andrew Graham, and Sabrina Santa


59.433903, -133.571777

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Detailed Directions

From Atlin BC:

  • Drive south on the Warm Bay Road
  • The first hot spring, known as the "Warm Springs," is located on the east side of the road and is the closest to Atlin, about 23 km.
  • The second hot spring, "The Grotto," is 2.8 km down the road and is marked by a pullout with picnic tables, an outhouse, and a garbage can

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