Clear Creek (Ruth Larsen) Hot Springs

Hot Spring

Down a rough road just off Harrison Lake, with freshly fed water and cozy soaking tubs.

Clear Creek (Ruth Larsen) hot spring is nestled along a peaceful creek deep in the mountains. The winding road is nearly impassable for most vehicles most of the year, but is readily accessed by 4WD vehicles with experienced drivers. Though you will want to bring it for photos, there is no cellphone service near the spring, so come prepared.

Located along a short boardwalk, next to a small change house, lays 3 tubs for soaking. Each is fed by a pipe that brings in fresh hot water and can be adjusted. In recent years, there have been some disturbances to the springs, occasionally being found without the water hooked up, resulting in the freezing and cracking of the tubs. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for local squatters: some in this area have been reported to be sexually harassing hot spring goers. If this occurs, please make note of their description/ location and report to the local authorities.

Photos courtesy of Melissa Klebe


49.695396, -121.732979

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Detailed Directions

Drive north along East Harrison Forest Service road on the east side of Harrison Lake until you come to Clear Creek Forest Service Road, and continue for 11km and the hot spring will be on your right.

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